Crossing The Finish Line with Arielle Fortin


Crossing The Finish Line with Arielle Fortin

Ever since she was young, Arielle Fortin has had a desire to learn. Receiving her Bachelor’s of Nursing (Integrated) from McGill University is not quite enough for this aspiring nurse clinician, who’s hoping to pursue a Master’s degree in biology and physiopathology. After completing her higher education, Arielle wishes to become a specialized nurse practitioner in adult care.

In addition to her full-time studies, Arielle also works as a nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital in the department of hematology, oncology, and stem cell transplant, which requires a lot of courage, empathy, and an immense level of humanity. 

Day after day, the young nurse encounters patients suffering from various types of cancers: breast, blood (leukemia) and pancreatic, inter alia. “Each case is different, and every patient is unique”, she says. 

Arielle’s patients range from young adults in end-stage cancer, to mother’s undergoing chemotherapy, to the elderly. “Cancer does not discriminate”, says the nursing student. Every day is different in the oncology department, and the medical team must adapt to each individual case and patient presented to them. For Arielle, it is vital to have a strong mental, and to be present both physically and mentally, as every action counts in towards the patients’ road to recovery. 


Running for a cause

Feeling moved by the stories she witnesses every day, Arielle decided to give herself a new objective.

To run a half Ironman on June 25th.

Inspired by her brother, who will also be participating in the event, the young nurse will be combining her love for swimming and running with her passion for healthcare in order to raise funds for stem cell transplant research. 

For Arielle, completing a long-distance triathlon “represents close to nothing compared to the hardships her patients face every single day”. 

Making a real difference by fundraising and changing lives; This is what Arielle embodies for us. When reading her story, we discovered a brilliant, kind, and thoughtful young nurse who’s made it her life purpose to help others. A story like Arielle’s is one of the reasons why Garde-Malade exists. To live through the amazing work of our indispensable healthcare workers. 

We wholeheartedly invite you to, if possible, donate funds to support Arielle’s triathlon journey and help cancer research through the following link:

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