Each piece of RE-GARDE clothing is made from at least 10 discarded plastic bottles. Our goal? Minimize our CO emissions during production and energy during manufacturing while reducing textile waste. Each RE-GARDE garment is therefore made up of 50% recycled bottles. All our uniforms will be produced with this fabric while keeping the same quality, the same design and the same comfort so loved by our customers.

All our new colors and collections will now be made with the RE-GARDE fabric. For our healthcare workers, but also for our planet. She also deserves to be treated!

Reduces water consumption by 20% and CO emissions by 30% during production.

Offers a durable, light, wrinkle-resistant, ecological,economical and quick-drying product.- it's just as soft as our regular collection fabric.

Is antibacterial thanks to a treatment that is durable, odorless and resistant.