Working in an agency was an ideal solution for Ariane from the very beginning. Not for the flexible hours or the salary benefits, but for the freedom to travel at any time. 

Working day and night for months on end to be able to backpack for 50 days in Thailand; that's the life she can afford and enjoy.

But just because she travels doesn't mean she stops being a nurse. She takes the opportunity to volunteer wherever she goes, learning more and more about how hospitals and health services work.  She tries to help, educate and spread her knowledge in more underprivileged countries. She is making a difference.

Labor and delivery rooms

After months of searching for the right department for her, Ariane found the delivery room department. Previously, she worked in the surgical department, but being a person with anxiety, this specialty made her daily life more difficult. 

As a nurse in the delivery room, her role is to monitor the health and well-being of both the baby and the mother. Their job is to support the patient from the onset of contractions until 2 hours after birth. Throughout, a close follow-up must be done, whether it is the tracing of the baby's heart rhythm, the pain and relief of the mother, as well as the labor and pushing phase. Every birth is different, so no two days are the same.

For Ariane, not only is witnessing this a gratitude in itself, but the "bond that is created with the mother during her labor is simply inexplicable”.

Working in an agency

Ariane has been working in an agency for quite some time now. She goes from hospital to hospital with her Garde-Malade scrubs. For her, wearing our scrubs is not only beneficial for the comfort and flexibility required in the delivery room, but also for the touch of love and color they bring to this very important moment in the lives of new families.

According to her, going to the hospital is very frequently linked to stressful or difficult moments, so the environment should be as calm and hopeful as possible. 

To find out more about her, her story, her travels and her life as an agency nurse, we recommend you listen to her podcast "À vos scrubs, prêt? Shock!" newly online!


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Très intéressant de suivre les partages , les commentaires qu’ Ariane fait sur sa pratique, ses expériences et son cheminement comme garde- malade.